Employee Peer Review

Sample Employee Review Questions

The following are example employee review questions from our General Employee template.  After loading the template you can add and remove questions and headers.

Attendance and Punctuality

   Shows up to work on time
   Shows up to meetings on time
   Completes tasks on time
   Takes extra-long lunch break
   Takes excessive breaks
   Takes long breaks
   Leaves early too often
   Requests too much time off
   Misses too much work

Team Dynamics

   Teaches and shares information with the team
   Lashes out at others
   Creates a positive work environment
   Cooperates well with others


   Accepts feedback and criticism well
   Is open to other opinions
   Takes credit for other peoples accomplishments
   Gives credit where due
   Is approachable
   Usually suggests a solution while presenting a problem
   Always blames others for problems
   Does not accept responsibility for actions
   Is someone that can be depended on
   Demonstrates a sense of humor
   Contributes frequently in meetings and impromptu gatherings
   Gets along well with colleagues
   Strives to cooperate with all staff
   Is very thoughtful and considerate of other staff
   Is highly enthusiastic


   Is a clear and effective communicator
   Effectively communicates complex topics
   Shares information clearly and concisely
   Is good at resolving conflict

Time Management

   Is good at prioritization and time management
   Can manage many tasks at the same time


   Is organized
   Pays attention to details
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